About Us

Wisns Group was founded in 2015, by Shamgar Ben-Anat & Nitzan Israeli. Both with over 25 years of Experience in development business entrepreneurship and Information Technologies industry.

Our highly-skilled team of experts provides world-class services and solutions to our partners and customers whilst ensuring high returns on their goals.

We have numerous partners and clients in professional industries including Legal, Cyber and Information Technologies, Software Development , Government Agencies, Medical , Real Estate Development and Engineering, Retail and Exporters , Education and more.

Additionally, we have several non-profit organizations that we are proud to support.

We seriously value the personal relationships with our partners and clients as a part of our extended family. Building on the tradition of providing industry best solutions, Wisns Group continues to invest in tools, training, and procedures, continuing to extend our reputation as a premier services provider.

Wisns is a proud partner of US and Indian technological companies with exclusive right to market their product & services in the local market and beyond.

Being Microsoft partners, we most welcome to leading Premium Information Technologies and Cloud services, Cyber Security.

We focus on quality, flexibility and professionalism to provide innovative and unique services to large companies and SMB’s.

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